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  • What are the Seven Elements for Creating the Best Interior Design?

When you think about the best interior designs, they include specific details that enhance their beauty and functionality. An interior design firm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, keeps in mind these elements to create perfect designs for a place.

Here are seven design elements that work together to create a balance and bring harmony to an interior design.


Available space is an essential element of designing an interior. You can create the best interior designs as per space or area available to you. An interior design firm in Kuala Lumpur determines the physical boundaries of a place to take advantage of all three dimensions. Based on this, the firm can move forward to achieve an innovative and functional design. Moreover, the interior designer in Petaling Jaya decides how they will balance the empty and crowded space. It mostly depends on the demands of the client and their preferences.


The texture is a term used for the tactile sensation of the objects or surfaces present in the room. It adds another dimension and touch to the room’s interior. An interior designer combines different textures as details within a room to make it enjoyable. Different textures add a sense of depth to the room and enhance its feelings. A texture has two components: one that is perceived by the eye and the actual tactile sensation. So, a visually appealing smooth texture will also feel fluffy in the hands.


The interior designer in Petaling Jaya creates a sense of harmony and contrast with lines. All types of lines, horizontal or vertical, structure a design that furnishes and shapes the room. Horizontal lines are used to make the room feel wider and larger. They give a sense of stability and efficiency to space. In contrast, the vertical lines make the room taller. They introduce feelings of independence and strength to the room. Other types of lines include zigzag, curvy, or diagonal lines. These lines offer movement and catch attention. Thus, the best interior design would balance all the lines to avoid overemphasis on one.


Another element that is significant for an interior design is the lighting. You can use both natural and human-made lights to illuminate a place. It is essential for the glow and shine of the entire room and its objects. Lighting sets the mood and accentuates the structure. Without proper lighting, you cannot see anything in the room. Lighting is decided according to the room’s function, and the activities carried out in the room. For instance, an office would need bright light while a living room would be perfect with softer lights.


Form refers to the structure and shape of a room and the items present inside it. Any three-dimensional thing is countable as a physical form within the room. Interior design firms in Kuala Lumpur might use natural shapes or geographical shapes of the objects to design a place. However, they should take into account the dominant form and its reciprocation within the room. It would help in creating a balance and would not confuse onlookers.


Patterns include a blend of other elements, such as textures and colours. The use of designs and their repetition will add an aesthetic appeal to the place. Also, the patterns come in various designs, including wallpapers, motifs, geometric, and prints. You need to consider the room’s size and style for selecting patterns for it.


Colour is the most vital element of art and design. Interior designers in Petaling Jaya master this art and creates an ideal place. Colours are significant to set the mood, create harmony, and alter a room’s perception. An expert interior designer uses colours to create the best interior design that can stimulate feelings and emotions. You can use bright, light, dark, and soft colours according to a room’s function and the activities that will occur there. Moreover, those colours are used that can blend well with the lighting, form, and space of the room.

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