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Design your home to express the real you!

Home is your sanctuary, where you want to spend time relaxing and having fun. The way you design and style your home describes your personality and leaves an ever-lasting impression on the visitors. A modern, stylish, and elegant house interior design Malaysia impresses the guests with your impeccable taste and vision.

SQFT Space Design Management understands the significance of your house interior design Malaysia. We help you transform your home’s interior design into your desired abode. To create an aesthetically pleasing home atmosphere, we incorporate various designs and textures in your rooms, kitchen, and bathroom. Each design distinguishes the purpose of that spot at home, yet complement the rest of the home’s interior. Our process involves collaboration with our client to ensure a design that reflects their needs, demands, and desires. Classical, modern, contemporary, eclectic, or minimalist designs, you name it; we will get your house interior design Malaysia, a touch of your expression and desired look.

Factors Influencing House Interior Design Malaysia

When designing and crafting your home, you cannot just randomly start with a design or pattern. Each corner should mirror your personal taste and style. For this reason, you must consider the following factors:

Purpose Of The Rooms

A house consists of several rooms and areas that serve a different function. For instance, a dining room is to eat meals at home while a living room is where family and friends gather. Your house also has many other areas like the kitchen, bathroom, balcony, laundry room, and closets. Since each of these rooms has a distinct function, you should also design them in a different way. You can look up for the stuff, designs, and patterns that would suit each room of your house interior design Malaysia.


The designs, colours, and patterns should create an aesthetically pleasing ambience at home. All the textures are incorporated in such a way that complements your home interior design. It must appeal and attract the onlookers and compel them to admire your style.


When house interior design Malaysia decides, it is imperative to choose a design that matches the purpose, yet provides comfort to the homeowners. Everything must be selected because of their style and convenience to maximise the calm and tranquillity. The layout of your home’s design must offer access and easy movements.

Colours And Patterns

Colours play a crucial role in designing your rooms and enhancing their elegance. Colours bring out different types of feelings and emotions within the observers. Some colours would look intimating and bold, while others would create peace and calm. Moreover, the colour combination must match perfectly with your house interior design Malaysia. You can take assistance from a professional interior designer before finalising home’s interior.


Lighting is a critical factor to illuminate your home. You can have more doors and windows in your home to bring in natural light. However, if there are rooms that do not have access to daylight, you will need proper and adequate lighting for them. Designing the lighting system is another way to style your home.


A room crowded with furniture will never look nice, nor would it be comfortable for people using it. So, you need to design each room to utilise the essential furniture while keeping maximum space for free movement.

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