Design And Build

Design & build is a new and simple approach to deliver construction projects. A team works together through collaboration and open communication to complete a project in the process. It is based on the notion that when all the creative people sit with each other for one project, great ideas are born.

What Is Design & Build?

Design & build is a method of construction projects delivery where the team works on a single contract. The design & build team consists of designers and contractors, who work together from the beginning as one entity. It means the construction responsibility is on one unit that manages the workflow and unified project. Any changes are addressed by the whole team, rather than shifting blame. As a result, the entire team collaborate for problem-solving and innovative solutions come forward.

In contrast, the traditional delivery method employs a split in design and construction services. The project owners have to contact two different entities for designing and building. However, design-build brings all the construction elements together, where different departments collaborate with each other as one entity.

Benefits Of Design & Build

Design & build has gained popularity due to its several benefits to the project owners. That is why most of the companies prefer this method to every other method now. Some of the advantages are:

Fast Delivery

Design & build offers fast and rapid delivery of construction projects because a team works on all the elements altogether. There is only one phase for selection, designing, and construction. The risk of integrating design and its construction is minimized. Thus, the project is delivered rapidly through the system.

Single Responsibility

In design & build, a team of designers and construction contractors has been combined. The project owner deals with only one entity, who is collaborating for the construction of a projection. So, only one unit would be responsible for designing and building. It will reduce the blame-shifting, and a team will take responsibility for their work.

A Smooth Process

When a team collaborates through open discussions and communication, solutions are offered. It eliminates the risk of conflict between people, and a team brings forth their ideas to transform a project into reality. So, a single unit works together, take accountability and manages the whole designing and construction. This leads to a smooth process and experience for the owner.

Saves The Time And Cost

Design & build is an efficient and effective construction project delivery method. Design-build teams deliver the project faster, thus saving time. The owner also gets to save money with this solution as one team offers an estimate for the project. So, design-build out-perform other methods in terms of scheduling and growth measures.

Selecting Design-Build Contractors

SQFT Space Design Management in Malaysia offers the project owners an opportunity to take advantage of design & build a team. We have a team that works through a collaborative approach to deliver your projects faster by encouraging innovation and reducing cost. We aim to bring all elements of designing and construction together to increase flexibility and smooth process. Contact now to get more information about our design-build method.